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The change in attitude towards male grooming and general care in the past
   few years has been nothing short of remarkable.

   Men of all ages have realised there is nothing cool about unkempt hair and
dry skin. Good shaving techniques, astringents, eau de colognes and
aftershaves are taken as the norm'.

   Beards are no longer just ragged growth, resembling an old shepherd or 
   worse  still, a tramp.

   Facial hair is now slick, groomed and very varied in appearance, from neat
   Van-Dyke style to
fulsome, full length - we think they look great.

   In addition, far more men are paying attention to the condition of their skin
   the sale of
moisturisers and skin creams are booming.

   Finally, clothes and jewellery are just as important - the male appearance 
   has certainly changed !